Monday, February 14, 2011

The Gift of 'US'

October 10, 19__ (smarter than finishing that date!), Christ's greatest gift to Larry Hill was placed on earth. I did not know it at the time but His craftsmanship was preparing the other half that would complete my humanity.

Recently, I heard that Valentine's Day should not be so much about saying, "I Love You"...Valentine's Day should be about showing, 
'I believe in Us!' 
Belief in something causes you to love it unconditionally.

We, in our humanity, struggle often with belief in our own selves. 
I can't...I don't measure up...there is no way I can accomplish that...etc.
And for this reason we miss out on some of life's greatest opportunities to do things that we were never meant to do alone anyway.

(Luckiest guy on the planet!)
I have been guilty of leaving my best friend and partner standing off to the side while I felt like I needed to fight the battles meant for the two of us on my own. Call it protective instinct, pride, or selfishness...that matters not. 
I am guilty.

So on this day set aside to celebrate Love...I choose to give the gift of 'Belief in Us' to 
Susan Ellen Hill. Far too many times we go into battle 'against' our partners instead of 'with' them. 
In reality, those battle-tested moments are the ones where the road to genuine belief and love is forged.

God created that special someone just for you so that you didn't have to walk this road alone. Get rid of the ego and allow your 
'God-created gift' to take their rightful place beside you and get to fighting aliens. These kinds of movies end with the two battle-tested individuals walking away at the end 'together.'

To the love of my life Susan...I believe in US!  I'm honored you let me be your co-star.