Friday, July 30, 2010


May 28, 2010, marked a monumental shift in my life and the lives of the other four individuals whom God gave to me. My wife and I had no idea (and still don't) of what this journey is going to lead us to, but what we have found out is that there is no 'blueprint' for your personal journey in Christ. The frustrations, doubt, worry, joy, excitement, newness (and any other adjective you want to insert) is yours to experience and process. I pray that these random thoughts to come will benefit you as you accept your assignment. 
In a non-negative way, I have found that many bridges have been burned that once were used as pathways to find destiny in Christ. Bridges of compassion - forgiveness - integrity - hunger - repentance - prayer - belief ..... these have been replaced with insecurity - hardness - traditionalism - judgment - doubt. A world that faces hopelessness on a daily basis hungers to find a Christ that they can 'get-to'. What God needs today is a generation of bridge repairers to go to work. To forsake personal gain to build kingdom bridges. Can those bridges be repaired? 
I seem to remember a man by the name of Jesus Christ that left the indescribable splendor of His throne to build a bridge between Himself and mankind. 
I seem to remember men such as George Washington & others of our founding fathers separating themselves and making a choice that no matter how difficult times were going to be in the unknown....they decided that a bridge must be built to freedom.

So the answer to this question must be a resounding "YES" a thousand times over! Bridge builders are among us and are stepping beyond the comfort of what they know to what can be. To the generation that is coming behind, may this generation of Christ followers commit to not leaving the job of bridge repair to them. Let the pathways be clear and let them be solidified on the rock of God's guidance!  

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  1. What an awesome and thought-provoking piece! Can't wait to read more!